Bass Guitar

The bass guitar has 4 or 5 thick strings, and is strung and tuned differently to a standard guitar. Bass Guitar is electric, so requires an amplifier to project the sound. Bass Guitar plays a major role in modern music, providing a depth and richness to the overall sound of a band.



From basic notes to chord theory, we teach our students a variety of techniques, theory & sight-reading through a vast range of musical styles; from pop to punk and folk to funk!


Once a student has grasped the basics, we explore more advanced techniques, including plucking, picking, chords & slapping.


Mezzo students have the option to sit graded examinations in bass guitar, facilitated by Trinity College London’s Rock & Pop syllabus. Exams take place during 3 sessions each year; Spring, Summer & Pre-Christmas. Exams are held in Mezzo Music Academy, with an independent adjudicator from Trinity College London.


Bass Guitar teachers:
Willie Murphy

Kevin O’Byrne

Dan O’Neill



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