Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic Guitar Lessons

Designed for beginners, intermediate and advanced students, this course offers a calm and enjoyable approach to learning guitar.

Students begin by acquiring some basic knowledge of notes on the fretboard, whilst developing their strumming technique and also learning some finger style.

As students progress through various courses and levels, they will build up an interesting repertoire, spanning many musical genres, such as folk, country, blues, rock, pop and more.

Participating students will need to have an acoustic guitar to bring to lessons, and to practice on at home. Mezzo offers an instrument rental scheme, where instruments are available to rent for €40 per academic term.

We are always happy to work with students who have no desire to complete exams and wish to play for pure enjoyment.

Acoustic Guitar Teachers:

  • Willie Murphy
  • Kevin O’Byrne
  • Dan O’Neill
  • Jonathan Sadlier
  • Aisling Roberts
  • Gavin Wynne
  • Rob Campbell

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